About Us

Hi there!

We're a passionate shell lovers based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Natural Shells Collected From Divers & Fishermen

The Company was established in 1998 and we were selling only commercial shells locally at that time. Since the local market response was very remarkable, we kept expanding our business by looking for more suppliers all around Indonesia. We got many suppliers (fishermen) who are supporting us until today. But not until the year 2000, we were able to export our first container abroad.

In 2001, we started to learn about specimen shells. Many things to be learnt and luckily we have many friends (locals & foreign) who are willing to teach us about many things like cleaning, grading, care for the shells, etc.. Since then, we keep learning about shells until today. We just never get tired of gaining information and improving our knowledge about seashells, including our product line.

We are specializing in Indonesian Specimen Shells, but we also often buy and sell shells all over the world. This website is dedicated for those who are passionate about Indonesian shells, with highest grade and most of all, Honest of whatever we sell.

We really hope we can establish a good relationship in short and long term basis. What we are looking for is not only a good customer, but a good friend that share the same passion. We hope you enjoy our website and looking forward to know you better.


We are not #1 or even #2 in the business, but we will surely offer you THE BEST PRICE & SERVICE to the Top!

- Owen Setiono -